Join our 22nd Annual event at our new home!


On-site parking!

Larger facility!


Event Admission

Canned goods, dry goods, or toiletries to be donated to Damien Center or cat food and litter for Indy Feral.

Charity and Outreach

Each year we organize Indianapolis Pagan Pride Day to provide a place where the Indianapolis Pagan Community can give something back to the larger metropolitan community as a whole.

Every action we take returns to us three-fold and to give is the greatest gift of all. We demonstrate this each year through our charitable giving.

Come out, enjoy yourself and be proud of who you are, how you worship & believe, and give a little something back to those in need.

Our charitable giving shows how we as a Pagan Community can work together to make this happen.

Everything you’re used to

Indy Pagan Pride Day is getting bigger with all the same Rituals, Workshops, Middle Eastern Dancing, Drumming, Art Salon, and an Auction we’ve always had going on, but, now we’re going to add BANDS and live music!.

We just keep getting better!